Are you a DJ, a nightclub promoter or do you just want to get your brand heard? We can expose your brand to millions of people on iTunes, Beatport and all the other online music stores.

Want to know how that works?

  1. With our compilation service, you can select out of thousands tracks from some of the most respected labels in the industry. If you prefer, our experts help you to get the tracks selected.
  2. We handle all the legal licensing for you. Once the tracks are selected, you can mix them together and release it as an additional DJ-Mix
  3. The Compilation can be branded/named as you like. You can create the artwork for the cover too – so it fits to your brand 100%!
  4. We deal with all the online music stores such as iTunes, Beatport or Amazon. Your compilation will be on all the relevant stores. You can promote your brand now thru your music – we call it auditive branding.
  5.  If you like, we deliver physical promo CDs – so you can give them away to your fans, friends or business partners.

We offer this service starting from 1’000 Euros only – respectively 1’500 Euros including freshly pressed 1’000 Promo CDs of your compilation.

Here is an example of a compilation we did for Vanity (Noskandi Entertainment). Click on the pictures to get directed to iTunes: